Oiconomy Pricing

Verstegen – Real price of cinnamon

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Company Verstegen Spices & Sauces B.V.
Location Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Product 1 jar of cinnamon
Currency Euro
Results This assessment identified negative hidden cost of € 0,043 along the value-chain of a jar of cinnamon from Verstegen (1,1% compared to the sales price). It also shows small positive externalities, together € 0,0004 (0,01% compared to sales price).

Oiconomy Assessment Oiconomy Sustainability Assessment Tool v2.04
Timeframe Data from 2021
Included impact categories

Pollution & Climate, Depletion of scare resources, Land use, Biodiversity & land degradation, Waste & disposal, Human health, Labour, Social conditions, Economic responsibility, Corruption & conflict (production of the jar and cap not included)

Case description  Verstegen is a spices & herbs manufacturer from the Netherlands. Verstegen sources broken and cleaned cinna-mon bark from Kerinci, Sumatera, Indonesia. The cassia cinnamon tree is grown in a remote forest setting by smallholders and sold to local collectors. It takes 15 to 25 years to grow cinnamon. To harvest the cinnamon, the whole three, will be cut down to strip the bark of the trunk. Verstegen initiated a crop diversification project with their local partner to overcome the first 5 to 10 years after the trees have been harvested. The case study focesses onthe inpacts of this mode of production. 
Photos along the value-chain