Oiconomy Pricing

Tradin Organic – Real price of cocoa liquor

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Tradin Organic
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1 ton of cocoa liquor

This assessment identified negative hidden cost of € 427,22 along the value-chain of 1 ton of cocoa liquor (10% compared to sales price). It also shows the positive externalities, together € 51,14 (1,2% compared to sales price).

Oiconomy Assessment
Oiconomy Sustainability Assessment Tool v2.04
Data from 2021
Included impact categories

Pollution & Climate, Depletion of scare resources, Land use, Biodiversity & land degradation, Waste & disposal, Human health, Labour, Social conditions, Economic responsibility, Corruption & conflict

Case description
Tradin Organic is a Dutch B2B company, which sources, distributes, and processes organic food ingredients to the international food market. Within its wide product portfolio, the case is single origin, organic cocoa liquor, from cocoa beans which are cultivated by smallholder farmers, located in Sierra Leone. The cocoa beans are bought in from the smallholder farmers and processed in a factory owned by Tradin Organic and stationed in The Netherlands. Tradin Organic has several impact programs aimed at to improving the environmental and social sustainability of the cocoa supplychain but has not yet quantified the externalities associated with the product.    
Photos along the value-chain