Oiconomy Pricing

Arte – Real price of stone kitchen countertop

Full case study available here

Company Arte Groep
Location Helmond, The Netherlands
Product 1 m²  of stone kitchen countertop (exact product properties not disclosed)
Currency Euro
Results This assessment identified negative hidden cost of € 32,44 along the value-chain of  1 m² of stone kitchen countertop.

Oiconomy Assessment  Oiconomy Sustainability Assessment Tool v1.08 
Timeframe  Data from 2020 
Included impact categories  Pollution & Climate, Depletion of scare resources, Land use, Biodiversity & land degradation, Waste, Labour, Various social responsibilities, Economic responsibility
Case description  Arte is a company that provides high quality stone kitchen countertops. Their production facility is based in Helmond. Arte supplies to over 200 stores in the Netherlands and produces countertops made from granite, composite, ceramics and Dekton.
Photos along the value-chain

Left photo: Open pit mine, by iso_petrov 2017, iStock. (https://www.istockphoto.com/nl/foto/steengroeve-met-excavate-open-pit-mine-gm802048224-130019457)

Full case study available here