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Arte – Real price of kitchen countertop (2nd pilot)

Full case study available here

Arte Groep
Helmond, The Netherlands
1 m2 of stone kitchen countertop

This assessment identified negative hidden cost of 1 m2 of stone kitchen countertop along the value-chain of € 17,35 (2,9% compared to sales price).It also shows the positive externalities, together € 5,29 (0,9% compared to sales price).

Oiconomy Assessment
Oiconomy Sustainability Assessment Tool v2.04
Data from 2021
Included impact categories

Pollution & Climate, Depletion of scare resources, Land use, Biodiversity & land degradation, Waste & disposal, Human health, Labour, Social conditions, Economic responsibility, Corruption & conflict

Case description
Arte is a kitchen countertop manufacturer from the Netherlands. They provide high-quality products made from natural stone, composite, ceramics and Dekton to local customers and over 200 stores. Their production facility in Helmond processes materials according to tailor-made designs. Arte has been devoted to projects that create positive impacts across the supply chain. In this case study, complete specifications within the chosen product line are examined to select a representative functional unit, compared to the first pilot study published in 2022.
Photos along the value-chain