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Moyee Coffee – Real price of roasted coffee beans

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Company Moyee Nederland B.V.
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
1 kilogram of roasted coffee beans
Currency Euro
This assessment identified negative hidden cost of € 6,09 along the value-chain of 1 kilogram of roasted coffee beans (44% compared to sales price). It also shows the positive externalities, together € 3,14 (23% compared to sales price).

Oiconomy Assessment
Oiconomy Sustainability Assessment Tool v2.04
Data from 2022
Included impact categories

Pollution & Climate, Depletion of scare resources, Land use, Biodiversity & land degradation, Waste & disposal, Human health, Labour, Social conditions, Economic responsibility, Corruption & conflict

Case description
Moyee is a specialty coffee manufacturer from the Netherlands. The company sells roasted coffee sourced from Mizan, Ethiopia, where the fresh coffee cherries are cultivated by local farmers and processed by local professionals. Moyee has been engaging various projects to improve the sustainability of the coffee supply chain but has not yet quantified the full externalities associated with the coffee beans.
Photos along the value-chain