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Oiconomy Standard

The Oiconomy Standard

The goal of this standard is to provide a normalized way of measuring and communication of (un)sustainability. In this standard (un)sustainability is expressed in a virtual monetary unit, the “ESCU” (Eco Social Cost Units). As closely as possible, the ESCU score of a product equals the hidden costs, or externalities, related to a product, the costs that should have been spent to avoid any of the damage that the product causes during its entire lifecycle. Added to the standard economical price of the product the ESCU score represents the total costs of a fully sustainable alternative for the product. The ESCU also provides a normalized means of transfer of sustainability through the supply chain enabling all players in the supply chain to build on each other’s data.

Please find the information on the Oiconomy standard as a downloadable file below:

Oiconomy Standard 1.8

Please find the underlying database as a downloadable spreadsheet below:

190704 O.F. database

A compilation of criteria as questionnaire:  170619 Oiconomy Questionnaire

Log of changes: 170619 Oiconomy Standard Change log